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Acyclovir EP Impurity R Isomer (a dimer)
Catalog No: PI06001016     Product Name: Acyclovir EP Impurity R Isomer (a dimer)
CAS No:N/A||Chemical Formula:C17H22N10O6||Molecular Weight:462.42700||Exact Mass:462.17238||1,1'-methylenebis(2-amino-9-((2-hydroxyethoxy)methyl)-1,9-dihydro-6H-purin-6-one)
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Acyclovir impurity A
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Acyclovir impurity B
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Acyclovir impurity C
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Acyclovir impurity D
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Acyclovir impurity E
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Acyclovir impurity F
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Acyclovir impurity G
Catalog No: PI06001008
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CAS No:75128-73-3||Chemical Formula:C12H15N5O5||N-[9-[[2-(Acetyloxy)ethoxy]methy……
Acyclovir impurity H
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Acyclovir Impurity I
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Acyclovir Impurity J
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Product Name: Acyclovir Impurity J
CAS No:166762-90-9||Chemical Formula:C14H16N10O4||9,9’-[1,2-Ethanediylbis(oxymet……
Acyclovir Impurity K(Acyclovir Dimer 1)
Catalog No: PI06001012
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Acyclovir Impurity L
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Acyclovir Impurity M
Catalog No: PI06001014
Product Name: Acyclovir Impurity M
CAS No:91702-60-2||Chemical Formula:C12H15N5O5||N-[7-[[2-(Acetyloxy)ethoxy]methy……
Acyclovir Impurity P(EP)
Catalog No: PI06001015
Product Name: Acyclovir Impurity P
CAS No:23169-33-7||Chemical Formula:C7H9N5O2|| ||Molecular Weight:195.18200||Exa……
Acyclovir Impurity 1
Catalog No: PI06001017
Product Name: Acyclovir Impurity 1
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C10H15N5O3S ||Molecular Weight:285.322 ||Exact Mas……
Acyclovir EP Impurity O
Catalog No: PI06001018
Product Name: Acyclovir EP Impurity O
CAS No:2190509-40-9 ||Chemical Formula:C9H13N5O4 ||Molecular Weight:255.23400 ||……
Acyclovir EP Impurity R
Catalog No: PI06001019
Product Name: Acyclovir EP Impurity R
CAS No:N/A ||Chemical Formula:C17H22N10O6 ||Molecular Weight:462.427 ||Exact Mas……
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